Security planning, design and execution requires specialized professionals with focused attention on comprehensive security planning. HIDI Security Consulting Services is a vendor agnostic entity dedicated to security planning and design. We work with our clients to determine the right solution for them, both operationally and financially, and as their trusted representatives, they can be sure that we have their best interests in mind.

We work with project stakeholders and design team professionals to coordinate facility systems and security at all stages of the project, from schematic design through to construction services and commissioning. Understanding the impact of design on all other building services and architecture allows us to achieve the most constructible, cost-efficient solutions for our clients.

We also understand that different types of facilities have unique operational and security requirements. Aware of the challenges and equipped with diverse project experience, our solutions are customized to fit the operational requirements of your facility.

We are experienced with design team relationships, construction project protocols and the intricacies of team member interactions. We provide fully coordinated professional CAD generated design drawings, specifications and documentation. This differentiates us from other security design consultants and positions us among a select group of renowned organizations.

A comprehensive range of HIDI Security Consulting Services is listed below:

  • Physical Security Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Site Security Audits
  • Audit and Evaluations of existing security systems
  • Evaluation of existing systems for practical life cycle and upgrade/replacement program planning
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) evaluations
  • Security Needs Analysis and Master Planning for single structure developments and for large scale development projects
  • Complete Security System Design Services throughout the project, from schematic design to project implementation and final commissioning
  • Integrated System Design Services
  • Peer Reviews of security designs
  • Security Command and Control Centre and Console planning and design
  • Wireless, fibre optic cable and copper-based communication network systems design for voice and data
  • Dedicated security systems LAN/WAN network design and/or design services related to IP based security systems converged with facility IT infrastructure